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SYSCO Corporation

SYSCO is North America's leading marketer and distributor of food and foodservice products. The reason for this is simple: at SYSCO, we understand that our success is possible only when our customers are completely satisfied. With our customers as partners, our first and foremost consideration is to meet their needs with the highest levels of quality, service, innovation and reliability.

SYGMA Network

The country’s most successful restaurant chains rely on The SYGMA Network to supply everything from fresh beef and produce to silverware and cleaning supplies.

SYSCO Specialty Meat Companies

Newport Meats - Whether it's premium beef, lamb, veal, pork or poultry, Newport is committed to providing our customers with the finest quality products available. Our customers have become accustomed to receiving more from us. We offer a closer cut and better trim which yields a higher percentage of useable meat.

Buckhead Beef - Buckhead Beef was founded in 1983 with a handful of devoted employees and a very simple operating philosophy: to provide the finest quality beef, lamb, veal, pork, game meats and birds, frozen seafood and provisions at the best prices. Operated in a cost efficient manner, Buckhead Beef is totally committed to customer satisfaction and service. Through years of dedicated service, Buckhead Beef has become the #1 distributor of Certified Angus Beef™ worldwide and one of the largest privately owned meat purveyors in the United States. While we are poised for continued growth in the years ahead, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains

A.M. Briggs- A.M. Briggs services the leading restaurants, hotels, country clubs and executive dining rooms in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area with fine quality meats, game, poultry, seafood and provisions. We are recognized as the finest "Center of the Plate" supplier in the region. The foodservice community of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area has consistently named us "Supplier of the Year" in meat and poultry.

Freshpoint Produce

Always fresh. Always direct. That's the FreshPoint way. With over 25 company-owned distribution facilities throughout North America, FreshPoint guarantees delivery of fresh produce that is safe, clean and packaged to your exact specifications. Our system of diverse distribution sites and fleets of refrigerated trucks assure superior product quality all the way through the supply chain.

The Produce Hunter - The Produce Hunter is brought to you by FreshPoint Consolidation, a division of FreshPoint, Inc.– the country's largest provider of fresh produce to the foodservice industry. We realize that specialty produce has unique requirements for sourcing and distributing and that's why FreshPoint Consolidation exists. Our mission is to find, source and supply the most diverse offering of specialty produce to our foodservice and retail customers.

Guest Supply

Guest Supply, Inc., a Sysco Company, is the leading national full-service provider of housekeeping supplies to the lodging industry. Guest sells a full range of products, including personal care amenities, room accessories, housekeeping supplies, paper products and textiles to over 20,000 hotels.