eSYSCO System Requirements

Suggested Requirements


Minimum Requirements

Intel Core i3 or higher   Pentium D or equivalent
XGA/VGA/XGA/HD Monitor ( 1080x1024 resolution or higher )   XGA Monitor
High-speed Internet connection DSL   Cable modem or 56.6Kb Dial up Modem
Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 10   Windows XP / Vista
Internet Explorer Version 11.0 or higher         Internet Explore Version 9.0
Internet connection, email address and HTML email client ( like Outlook Express )   Internet connection and email address

eSYSCO currently supports Macintosh OS

For the best experience, please select a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher and set your browser font size to 12 or medium. Be sure that JavaScript is enabled; it is required to complete online transactions. In order to get a good download speed your modem speed should be 28.8 bps or higher.

Please ensure that your browser zoom is set at 100% for the best viewing experience of Express Ordering

For optimal performance, we highly recommend Internet Explorer version 11 with session cookies enabled.

To download a recommended browser and to enjoy the full benefits of our online service please select a browser below.

get internet explorer       
Internet Explorer
Acrobat Reader

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